Visual Communication: The Art + Science


What is Visual Communication?

If a Picture Says 1,000 Words, What Does Your Personal Image Say?

Competent+ Confident+ Experienced+ Dependable+ Approachable+Interesting+Authentic+Accomplished

Through my working with my clients, what I have discovered is that image means so much more than appearing professional and dressed for success. It’s smart to consider the messages we’re sending to others through our clothing choices, of course. But clothes don’t just affect how other people see us. They also affect how we see ourselves.

Are You Self-Sabotaging Through Your Clothing Choices?

You might think you deliver the same hard-hitting results regardless of how you’re dressed and you could be right. But new research suggests otherwise. A team of psychologists from three top U.S. universities recently found that what we wear changes how we think. According to a series of psychological experiments they conducted, what you wear:

  • Influences your decision making.

  • Affects how you process information.

  • Encourages “big picture” or abstract thinking.

  • Enhances social or psychological connection with others.

Choose Wisely

When you stand in front of your closet, the choices you make can have serious consequences.

Wearing a wrinkled, worn shirt can make you feel...wrinkled and worn. Putting on a favorite color or your personal version of the a “power suit,” though, helps you step into the spotlight or stand tall in that new leadership position. Confidence, it turns out, is not just in your head. Confidence is about the choices we make and even a seemingly small choice about what to wear to a crucial meeting can give you the edge you need.  

With so much at stake, are you comfortable carrying on with business (fashion) as usual?