Color + Style Services

Visual Communication


Your Best Colors Session 

This personal color exploration session is an in-person experience which provides an evaluation of skin tone and best personal colors based on hue, value and chroma, then placement within a specific palette. The palette becomes an essential tool for editing a wardrobe and defining personal and professional style. The 2 hour session includes:

  1. Draping in a 12-tone, Sci/ART based system

  2. Palette (fan), an $80 value

  3. Learning + practice on how to use your new palette to discern items that will work for you

  4. Cosmetics consultation + starter kit, harmonized to your new palette (blush, eyeshadow palette, lipstick), a $90 value.

The benefits include:

  • An awareness of what colors are your very best in cosmetics and clothing.

  • The ability to use your new tool (palette) when putting outfits together and shopping for new items.

  • The ease, convenience and fun of having curated makeup items to experiment with and simplify the cosmetics drawer.



Color + Style Intensive

To get the most value from Your Best Colors Session, add Style to the appointment for a 3-hour, intensive session. You will leave with cohesive looks that incorporate new color + style ideas to your existing wardrobe plus gain specific ideas for new pieces to incorporate to elevate your looks. In these sessions, clients gain knowledge and confidence with wearing their colors and clothing to communicate professionalism and individuality. Service begins with an assessment of lifestyle, personality and goals, to align personal style for maximum impact. 

VIrtual Stylist Services

With the use of virtual platforms, this custom service assists clients who are shopping new items to elevate and evolve their style, online and on-the-go. Service includes a thorough needs assessment, color assistance, wardrobe edit, personalized shopping (online), virtual closet creation with the option for a customized lookbook for daily wear, specials events, speaking, networking, and brand promotion. 

Ongoing Stylist Support

Monthly, quarterly and semi-annual update sessions, virtual or in-person, to align personal style + color to changing needs and seasons. Option for continuation of virtual closet and lookbook services for the organized, visible and on-the-go client.