Core Principles



Style is communication.

We communicate through our style the moment we step into a room. We have the power to write our own script.

Authentic Style creates wholeness.

The development of authentic style honors our natural coloring, body, movement, physical presence, comfort and sense of self.

A framework-centered approach.

Frameworks and systems provide structure, a philosophy, mutual understanding, resources, a place to start. From there, results become personalized to address the whole client. Frameworks include: 12 Blueprints Color Analysis and StyleCore Image Analysis.

Personal style is substantial.

Trends are fleeting and reflect a snapshot moment in the culture. Personal style is substantial. Style evolves, matures and emerges as we move forward on our unique paths and through stages of life.

the current wardrobe first.

We start here because it is the simplest and smartest thing to do. The client’s current wardrobe is the starting point to reframe, refresh and organize.

less is more.

Research has shown we have less stress and even more creativity when we limit choices. A smaller, well-organized wardrobe can allow for quick and easy dressing AND outstanding individual looks. It takes self-knowledge, editing and curating.

Keep it Simple.

With complex and busy lives, we need and crave simplicity and order wherever possible. Minimalism, capsuling and easy dressing strategies have an important place in life simplification routines.