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Does Your Image Support Your Goals?

We’ve all heard that you have 7 seconds, at most, to make a first impression. With a number like that, it’s clear your clothing, just like your body language, sends subtle signals about how you want others to perceive you.

But have you thought about how your clothing affects your performance, your personal image, your goals?

Your Clothes Are Your Message.

Almost like a secret code, we attach symbolic meaning to certain colors and styles of clothing. That’s why you negotiate better wearing your favorite suit and feel more confident when you wear a pop of the right color. Uncover these messages and you’ll never feel overwhelmed or unsure of what to wear again.

I'm here to help.

As an expert colorist and stylist, I teach clients how to decode these subtle messages to create a visual image that supports their goals, creates a strong and memorable presence, and aligns with their deep, authentic selves. Together, we will illuminate your best colors + your best style.

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“I enjoy helping my clients look great. But I absolutely love the deeper moments of self-awareness that emerge as we work together.” 

— Kaarin Huffman